Welcoming winter,

So here we are in Post-Lockdown Melbourne, ‘living with covid’ and finally figuring out what ‘normality’ can look like as we put our lives back together. Getting back to work, and re-establishing My routine and relationships was a post-Lockdown priority, and I’m pleased to say, it’s all panning out well. But Autumn is the season of change, and I can tell you this one really delivered.

Recently, I shifted into a new house, and relocated to an entirely different area. The geography and landscaping is unlike my old neighbourhood, and the general environment much greener. It’s an enjoyable culture shock that finds Me with the time and space to begin the process of unpacking – not only the boxes of belongings, but My thoughts about where I want to focus the energy this fresh start brings. And I guess I should acknowledge the huge change felt throughout the country as we move to a more progressive Federal government.

As much as I’m embracing these changes, it’s a lot to take in, and I am looking forward to the slower pace that Winter always brings. It will be a great opportunity for Me to spend some time solidifying a new home and establishing some important lifestyle changes. I want a Winter full of warm and hearty nourishment – discovering ways to make My comfort foods healthier, feeding My mind with regular meditation.

There is also a garden to tend, and I already have some great ideas for improvements that won’t be too much trouble to implement. But the priority is getting an outdoor area established for Duke and Duchess, both of whom have adjusted extremely well to the move. They are so perfect.

Rope lovers, I am aiming to indulge in tying again soon. It’s time. I want to reconnect with the long, slow, sensual Shibari and really get back into the intricacies and aesthetics of tying. I plan on spending wintery nights laying about and connecting with rope as often as time allows.

As a special Welcome to Winter I’ll be available for extra sessions at Fetish House every SUNDAY in JUNE. Standard booking procedures and prices apply.

Look forward to connecting.


Mistress Alex

All the best for 2022!

Another crazy year is over and there doesn’t appear to be a reprieve in sight for the this one!

The lockdowns have not been fun. At the same time, I’ve been lucky with the support I’ve received from friends and clients, along with financial support from  those with means to do so. Last year I put some focus into my leather wardrobe. Ive been gifted several pairs of boots and items of clothing that I look forward to sharing with you!
For Christmas I was given several gifts, including vouchers, stockings, & lingerie. I feel privileged and grateful for for both presents and various forms of help I’ve received.

I was also gifted a beautiful teapot that one of my visitors found at a local market. He also sent a wonderful review after our last session:

I highly recommend Mistress Alex.
She is a true professional in every sense.
I have been using her services for 14 years.
As a result of childhood trauma I have been caned by Mistress Alex.
This has helped significantly in dealing with my trauma.
Mistress Alex is a very classy lady who dresses impeccably and has a great understanding of my corporal punishment needs.
I highly recommend her.






In reply to B – ‘Thank you. It has been a long time and I’m happy that my own journey has been of benefit to you. It’s also wonderful to see the effort that you put into yourself.’ A


As for my availability –  every Monday and Wednesday I’ll be at Fetish House, and then at Collingwood Confidential on Fridays and Saturdays.


Until I see you again, take care out there!


Mistress Alex




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