March Madness & April Action

March 30, 2023

More March madness & April Action

This is officially March & April blog!

There’s always an excuse for a lateness in my ‘monthly’ blog posts, but seriously, it’s been an action packed March so far.

OzKinkFest Sydney

The OzKinkFest team hosted it’s first Market Day event in Sydney. I have much respect for the OKF Crew and I was delighted to be for new t0rture and pleasure t0ys!

Sadly I didn’t find any pleasure toys. The toys I did find, are mostly to cause discomfort.  Nothing too extreme, unless of course that’s your thing. I do find it interesting when I discuss session content, and the person opposite me says ‘I don’t want any pain’.  With my usual enthusiastic reply of ‘a little bit?’, and my fingers squeezing together in a sign of the minutest amount, I often receive an agreeable response. Now I can explore your boundaries enough to give you a taste of how wonderful an affect a little bit of Ouch can be.


My Tawse Collection is looking rather attractive. I have more than one bottom who is happy to confirm how absolutely wonderful the whole body feels after Tawse Therapy.  There has been so much judgement and misunderstanding in the past about the use of consensual pain.

Times have changed, and I’ll leave it there for now!


I will be away for the whole of Easter Weekend. I’ll be returning to Fetish House on Wednesday April 12th, and Collingwood Confidential on Friday April 14th.

I’ll also be away from May 19th until June 19th.  So, best you get yourself sorted if you want to session with Me asap…







Alex Vicia