September 24, 2023

Here is a recent review:

Mistress Alex has an exquisite style and touch.

She has a commanding way but is creative, intuitive and oh so skilled at the same time. I had asked for very restrictive bondage and some corporal as two main focuses and boy did she deliver on those. But Mistress Alex wove lots of other wonderful elements into my session.

Being enclosed in the most amazing latex body bag and then tied and wrapped to a bench in a way that restricted all movement was thrilling beyond words.

The inflatable butt plug perfectly complemented my time spent in the body bag.

And some of the gags Mistress used on me, including a creative rope ball, were works of art. I could not, as someone who adores being gagged, hoped for any better choices.

So, to any of you who are considering a session with Mistress Alex, don’t hesitate. You will not be disappointed. Like me, you will leave with a big smile on your face dreaming of the next time you can visit.

slave a


Thank you slave a 🙂