Stop Procrastination

May 22, 2021

I must stop my procrastination!

 My last blog attempt held only one word – April. 

Procrastination is the perfect title and description for my 2021 literary skills; and therefore the title of this blog.


Most of my lockdown months were spent indoors reading, watching a variety of television series, working out in my homemade gym, or scrolling and chatting online, and procrastinating. 
Aside the occasional positive case scare, QR codes, vaccine rollouts, locked borders, knowing the name of the premiere of each state, empty stadiums, Telehealth. zoom meetings, social distancing, online shopping, face-masks, live news conferences, temperature checks and Covid19 tests, my life has returned to normal. 
What is normal, you ask. Well there’s coffee, boxing, shopping, cats, friends, social media, sessions, shopping, and procrastinating. But, its all about the journey! 

Leather leotard Shopping

One thing that didn’t ease during restrictions was my love of shopping. Now that I am nearing the halfway point in my life, I feel that I’ve learned to be somewhat slower with impulse buying. I realise that the human race creates nothing but waste due to fast fashion, and cheap consumables. So during lockdown, with much thinking time on my hands, I decided that I’ll put more time and  consideration into my future purchases. 

I now own a gorgeous leather leotard, tailor made by Laurie at Mannhaus, a beautiful strap on harness made by Hanna at Eagle Leather, and a wonderful fuking machine, also from Eagle Leather. My latest latex outfit was made by Debauch Latex in Brisbane.  I highly recommend all 3 of these businesses. 


Eagle Leather harness

A big THANK YOU goes out to the generous fans who donated finances to my items of clothing and toys. I’m also looking forward to the investments returning to me in the form of tribute via the wonderful array of submissive, slaves, servants and fetishists who can’t take any more of viewing via a 10 by 3 inch screen. 




Contact Me

If you fit the above description, I’m happy for you to contact me via phone call (unblocked numbers only), text or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Debauch Latex

Mistress Alex