April 21, 2013

Shibari, rope bondage, rope fetish, jute rope, bondage rope,It’s nice to relax at home after an exciting week in the dungeon.

This coming week will be a short one and I am looking forward to my first trip to Japan in a few days.

As an avid lover of seafood, especially Sashimi and sushi, I’m delighted that I am finally about to enjoy a Tokyo experience. I have had my first ever Japanese language lessons and when I return it will be an ongoing journey. I am finding that learning a new language is having a stimulating effect on my brain!

The main purpose for my visit to Tokyo is to absorb myself in Shibari. Rope scenes in the dungeon are not in high demand but the occasional Shibari addition to a session can be magical. It’s also a lifestyle hobby of mine that I plan to take more seriously in future.

Rope communication is a beautiful art.

I look forward to sharing my pictures in my blog and on various sites that I use.

I will be out of contact until May 7th and my diary for appointments will be open again from Thursday May 9th


Alex Vicia