Back to reality

May 9, 2013

Japan was as I expected, amazing. To observe such a contrasting culture to our own, I found fascinating.

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The food was divine and I was pleasantly introduced to ‘ramen’ during my stay. I’ll be checking out a few Japanese restaurants in Melbourne in the near future, hoping to find something similar. The best sushi experience was on the last night of our visit and we were lucky¬† to arrive at the restaurant just before last orders. I have brought with me a menu to keep in my travel diary so that I can locate it on my next visit to Tokyo.

Shibari was the main focus of my visit. I was hoping to come home with a little something to work on as far as rope connection was concerned. I am now full of enthusiasm and look forward to practising what I have learned both in and out of the dungeon.

I’ll write a more detailed blog concerning my Shibari experience at a later date. For now it’s ‘back to reality’ as the post title reads. Luckily for me, reality is often in the dungeon!

See you soon!

Alex Vicia