January 20, 2013

November 2012

I have submitted to Mistress Alex several times now and I cannot speak too highly of her…. I have been into bdsm all my adult life but I count my time submitting to Mistress Alex as my true fetish awakening. Every time I have seen her she has totally blown me away. She makes receiving pain the most intensely erotic experience.

Mistress Alex has a dungeon set up in a relaxed and welcoming Collingwood establishment, close to Melbourne’s CBD. The dungeon space wants for nothing. The dungeon atmosphere is just sublime for s&m play but of course this atmosphere becomes electric the moment Mistress Alex enters. Simply stunning and wearing one of her many fetish outfits I just drip the moment the door opens. It is not Mistress Alex’s looks, however, that keep me coming back. I consider myself a hardcore masochist and Mistress Alex has the skills and experience to take me to places I have only dreamed of.

I quickly developed a high level of trust with Mistress Alex, recognizing she is highly skilled, sadistic and imaginative but also safe. Nothing is left to chance. The hygiene in the dungeon is of the highest order. All this of course, has helped in enabling me to totally let go. A much bigger reason for letting go and completely surrendering myself has been Mistress Alex’s ability to get inside my head. Every single moment is highly, highly eroticised. Each time I leave her dungeon thinking: ‘Wow, that was the most mind-blowing session.’ Mistress Alex has woven something magical from my fantasies.

I would highly recommend Mistress Alex to both beginners and hardcore submissives. Let go and you will be rewarded with the most brilliant fetish experience.