January 2, 2014


My latest episode of Tokyo.

After some wonderful experiences in the dungeon this year it was time to head to Tokyo for another Shibari/Kinbaku experience.

My slave and I had a six hour wait in Vietnam so we, after organising a visa, spent a few hours with a tour guide, enjoying the sights of the delightful Ho Chi Min City. It was my first time setting foot in Vietnam. It brought back memories of Bali – scooters and smiley faces trying to sell souvenirs. A few hours was not long enough to get a real taste of the Vietnamese culture but I did find it a pleasant and friendly atmosphere and definitely worth exploring at a later date.

Tokyo was amazing. It wasn’t cold enough for snow but there was chilly bite in the air. Fur coats and scarves were in abundance and ugg boots were a regular sight on the sidewalk.

Osada Ryu was the main reason for my visit to Japan. This was my second trip for tuition at Studio Six as it is my aim to gain more of an understanding of Shibari/Kinbaku. My lessons were organised by Osada Steve Sensei and thanks to him we were also lucky enough to attend a class with Yukimura Haruki. ‘The Beauty of Kinbaku’ style class … and experiencing a busy Tokyo metro system is another chapter in itself.

Not only did I spend time in Tokyo furthering my understanding of Shibari, but I also got another taste the beautiful Japanese culture. I find it hard to think about the understanding that I have gained and put it into words. I guess that’s not as important, as the experience itself belongs to me.

Hopefully I can share it somehow, especially though my rope tying.

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 Alex Vicia