Subject to Change

March 22, 2020






Johnny’ has been sent for yet another detention. No doubt it’s the same infringement as last time.
It’s always the same students, constantly sent to my office for extra tuition, or detention after rude and insubordinate behavior.
The scene is always the same; I walk in and discover him masturbating over an open magazine which has naked women plastered all over its pages. The first incident of this nature, with this student was back at the Correction Centre. It appears he is a very slow learner!
Ten years later, I walk into the dungeon at Collingwood Confidential and there he is, swearing and cursing obscenities under his breath at the naked bodies on the open pages. His hand is furiously banging… but that’s all about to come to an abrupt halt! I sneak in and surprise him with a hard ‘Bang’ on his rear end with a solid wooden paddle.









Following the threat of a phone call to his parents, he pleads for me to take pity on him and punish him however I see fit. A severe bout of discipline is I’m sure an attractive option, in comparison to the consequences of parents, who prefer the timely removal of privileges.
Of course, I take pity on him and decide that a good paddling, strapping, and caning might just do the trick. What can I say…? Same student, same infringement, same pleading for forgiveness. I will give him one more opportunity to change his evil ways.
I wish I didn’t have to take such extreme measures to curb the behavior of these young men.
Who am I trying to kid? – I love every minute of it.
4 weeks ago, I started this blog. After already delaying my writings for 4 months, I finally felt some motivation. Seeing to ‘Johnny’ had me energized, and I was excitedly typing at 11pm on a Friday night. So, thank you Johnny for inspiring such a positive introduction to my blog.









Now onto the subject that’s currently on everyone’s mind – Corona Virus. Who would have thought that it would become a world changing pandemic that is affecting us all! The streets are spookily quiet, with everyone who is able, to work from home doing so. I don’t have the option of seeing to Johnny in my office at home, or anyone else. What I’m doing is limiting my own sessions, and the content I’m providing. I am impressed with the strict screening processes at both Fetish House, and Collingwood Confidential. Escort or outcall is not something I am currently offering.

My shifts at Fetish House are now Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday – fortnightly.
My shifts at Collingwood are now Thursday, Saturday, and Monday – fortnightly.

My availability will be dependent on my own good health, and on current restrictions that may be in place.

For more information, I am happy to chat via email, voice call, or SMS.

To my friends, colleagues, acquaintances, clients, and to everyone – I wish you good luck and good health in the months ahead.


Alex Vicia