Good News

November 13, 2019

Good news for you!


In my last blog, you got to see my magnificent, custom made by Laurie Lane – Leather Bondage Bag. So far, I’ve had wonderful feedback from the Leather Bondage lovers who have taken time out especially to experience it.


If leather is your fetish, or you’re just curious, contact me and I’m happy to discuss what’s on your mind.


For those of you who have no interest in leather bondage, I still carry my inflatable latex bondage bag. I also have an interesting assortment of latex hoods.

Not into bondage or body bags?! I have the perfect solution for you.

Collingwood Confidential

Yes the renovations are finished and I now have a custom built cage in the Collingwood Confidential dungeon. This amazing cage, is rather versatile, and converts into a sturdy sling mount. A sling has numerous uses, so I suggest you contact me, tell me your ‘sling fantasies’, and book an appointment asap. Let’s together make your wildest anal dreams a reality 💫


So you’re not keen on receiving a little bit of buggery? Do not fear, as I’ve a wide range of alternatives waiting for you at

Fetish House

And don’t forget that I’m now at Fetish House in South Oakleigh, fortnightly on Saturdays, and the following Tuesday.

Next Wednesday I’ll be visiting Adelaide, and running sessions from The Fetish Palace. I have several booked and some scattered times available between 5pm Wednesday 20th and 8pm Saturday 23rd.

I’ll see you there!

Kind regards

Alex Vicia