February 17, 2019

Valentines Day

What better a day to blog than

February 14th


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you romantics out there. I hope your hearts were fluttered by something or someone.

My day consisted of an exciting morning in the dungeon. I shared the love, via cane strokes and torture. The session was followed by a lovely afternoon tea of almond chai and sweets at a local café; a big thank you to the benefactor whose generosity, fed myself and my colleagues, and guilted me into an extra boxing class this week.


In more boxing news, come late April 2019 I will be heading to a boxing camp in Thailand, for one week. I’ve no trips planned otherwise but I have had visions of visiting Wellington and Adelaide in the next few months. If I see enough interest, I might make effort to transform this fantasy into a reality. Interest of investment ($) will hasten the process. Keep that in mind if you’re dying for me to visit either of these locations, or any location for that matter.
Until then I will be available as usual in Collingwood, or alternatively I’m happy to discuss visiting your location. If you are wishing for a BDSM experience during Easter holidays, I will be available for pre-planned and deposit prepaid appointments only.

For more information on my  availability, follow this link:


That’s all for now,

Wishing you well!

Alex Vicia