2018 Happy Ending

December 30, 2018

Thank you!

Its nearing a Happy Ending of 2018 and it’s been a considerably good year for me, and I’m going to share with you a few of my highlights.

Photo Shoot

A major accomplishment for me this year has been the photo shoot; that I have been promising for too many months (years)!
It’s never an easy task; organizing studio location, hair and make-up artist, powerful and sexy outfits, and fetish props. But the results are worth the effort, and I will be tantalizing you by drip feeding shots into each blog. If you haven’t already, add your email to my subscriptions page so you don’t miss out on my updates.

Fitness Fun

A consistent high for me has been my fitness. First time boxing and little over 30 (ok, 40) it’s not always easy to keep up with regular classes, but I’ve found boxing and kickboxing strangely addictive. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will be aware of my early morning wake ups, sweaty workouts, and happy times with new friends and acquaintances at the gym. The Fight Fit trainers are highly skilled, enthusiastic and inspiring. I definitely recommend boxing if your considering new activities! I also love the intense and explosive atmosphere of contestants and boxing enthusiasts alike during the Fight Fit Challenge twice yearly. I do partake in kickboxing practice outside of the gym, with a less equal playing field – in the dungeon.

Demasque Magazine

On the topic of highly skilled, enthusiastic & addictive, lets move onto the subject ‘Fetish’. I recently attended the second launch party of Demasque Magazine. This is a magazine with alternative content, catering to adults who are into or curious about Fetish & BDSM. Hares & Hyenas Book Store in Fitzroy hosted a fun evening of socializing, networking, and some superb, erotic, organic, and arty performances. Check out the Demasque website, follow their social media, and keep an eye out for the next issue release in March 2019. You will enjoy!

All this activity and socializing was apt to make anyone weary, deserving of rest and restoration. Thanks to Katie Underwood, that’s exactly what I received at my first ever Sound Meditation.

Sound Meditation with Katie Underwood

Katie is a certified meditation teacher and has an in-depth history in music. It was a pleasure to see her take complete control of the space while remaining calm and at ease; creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. I’ve booked in for my next Sound Meditation experience on the first week of January. It’s going to be a smooth beginning for my new year.

A big thank you to my friends, colleagues, clients and slaves who have been a part of an awesome 2018. To my clients who have gifted me with toys, vouchers, champagne, chocolates, and another year of gym membership (so that I can cane you even harder, yes you) it is very much appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, where ever it may be.
I look forward to seeing you soon, in the dungeon, at an event, or out and about.


Happy New Year…

and best wishes to all for a healthy and prosperous 2019.

Alex Vicia