50 Shades

February 15, 2015

50 Shades

50 Shades of Kieran

It seems the ever famous book ‘50 Shades of Grey’ is causing quite a stir worldwide and making BDSM a hot topic for discussion. TV shows, internet sites and radio stations alike have been contacting and interviewing BDSM and fetish experts for an insight into what it’s really like.

After numerous attempts to immerse myself into this BDSM flavoured romance, I gave up at chapter 17 and didn’t go back. ‘Hollywood Wives’ is more my cup of tea when it comes to romance. ‘The Night Porter’ has been my favourite movie so far but that’s more the direction my taste is pointed and a far cry from 50 Shades.

This week I was contact by the Nova100 team to speak to them about the 50 Shades of Grey book phenomenon. They bought along one of their team members, a guy by the name of Kieran, to interview me. As far as BDSM was concerned, he was way down the opposite ends of the scale, so he said.

See for yourself the interview here on: http://www.nova100.com.au/shows/meshel-and-tommy/50-shades-of-kieran

Thanks so much to Liza and the great team from Nova 100 FM, who were relaxed and patient during the ordeal. My most comfortable place aside my own home is the dungeon, but that wasn’t so easy to demonstrate with a bunch of people filming and a hand sanitizing super nerd asking me strange and/or unrelated questions. Regardless of all that, the Nova team produced a light hearted comedy clip that had me smiling all day, and appreciating my clients who do enjoy their time in the dungeon.

Movie reviews so far appear to be more on the negative side. In saying that, it can be seen as a positive that BDSM is becoming more mainstream and even if not accepted, at least discussed. I think people will not be so ashamed or embarrassed to talk about their own fetishes, kinks or fantasies openly with friends.

As agreed I’m sure by many BDSM experts, 50 Shades seems from educational in Safe Sane and Consensual practices. I will have more an opinion when I have seen the movie, after it is released free to air!

My own recommendations for educational reading would be:

‘The History and Arts of the Dominatrix’ by Anne O Nomis


‘My Other Self’ by Angela Lewis PhD