10 Years & Counting!

March 21, 2018

10 Year Anniversary

Yes it was recently My ‘Mistress Anniversary’.

Ten years ago I relocated to Melbourne and it’s been an interesting decade at that!

It was a major life decision and so far a successful one. I owe a huge THANK YOU to all of my friends and colleagues, clients, subs and slaves who have supported me in one way or another over the years. Your friendship, guidance, advice, support and service has been priceless.

Big celebrations!

And how did I celebrate?

It was nothing too out of the ordinary to be honest. I had an action packed morning in the dungeon, an enjoyable afternoon rope session with a friend, and a relaxed night in with my slave. I really do love ordinary days!


Following February 6th I had an excellent long weekend at The Fetish Palace. If you missed out on the action, my next trip to Adelaide is on Friday the 30th of March. This will be a short trip and I already have a fully booked Friday; so if you wish to spend time with me at The Palace, you’d best be contacting me ASAP.


Speaking of travel, my latest trip to Tokyo was awesome. There were some updates on my Instagram profiles for those of you who follow me there. I’ve returned refreshed and back into my dungeon schedule; so if you want to book a session, please check theĀ appointments page on my site first. Keep in mind that I’ll be away over Easter and returning to New Zealand for two weeks on April 26th.

Thanks again; 10 years and counting!


Alex Vicia