‘Tis Always the Season for Me

December 20, 2017


The Season

but to be honest, I don’t do Christmas; all the hustle and bustle, packed shopping malls, waiting in lines at the supermarkets that go on forever and make you late for all those celebratory drinks and dinners that you feel obligated to attend. No thank you!
In saying that, I will happily receive gifts any time of year, on any occasion. So a big thank you to my wonderful clients who politely ignore the fact that I’m a hater, and still contribute to my High Maintenance Mistress requirements. With boxing becoming one of them last year, I am feeling fitter and healthier than I have in years. I have been lucky yet again to receive a boxing gym membership for 2018. Receiving such motivation to achieving my fitness goals, and not giving it my all, would truly be a sin.

The Serious Side

Thanks to Mistress Syrine at Club Pleasure, the Fetish Corner in Huntingdale is coming along nicely, with recent addition of Fetters bondage furniture. I’m looking forward to returning to my usual Thursday shifts from midday Jan 4th 2018.


You’ll also find me most Saturdays at Collingwood Confidential from 10am and by appointment during the week.


What’s Next?

My routine for the next few weeks is somewhat scattered, so if you wish to book an appointment, do contact me via phone or email. You’ll find that I don’t always respond to social media contact in good time, and I am not connected to Facebook messenger. So especially if you’re thinking about a same day session, phone call or text is best, followed by confirmation email.

The Fetish Palace

My next visit to Adelaide will be on the weekend of February 9th 2018 which may seem like years away, but I still suggest you make note of that weekend in your diary now, and book in advance. Don’t leave your phone call until the last minute and be left in disappointment. I’ll be of course conducting sessions from The Fetish Palace.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Alex Vicia