Yukimura Ryū

April 1, 2014

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The last week has been a relaxing wind down after an amazing weekend of Shibari/Kinbaku.

I was again lucky enough to spend time receiving tuition under Yukimura Haruki, this time in Melbourne, along with a class of excited rope enthusiasts.

Yukimura Sensei is highly regarded internationally in the Shibari community and is considered to be a Grand Master.  This was the first visit ever to Australia by Yukimura Sensei, therefore it was a not to be missed opportunity for most students at the Melbourne Rope Dojo.

There is not a moment in Yukimura Sensei’s tying that is without purpose. I have realised this more with each visit to Tokyo, so for me this was a priceless opportunity and I did not miss a single workshop!

Mistress Murasaki , one of Japan’s top mistresses, who has also been Yukimura Sensei’s apprentice of twelve years, was Sensei’s assistant and translator for the weekend. It was also Murasaki san’s first visit to Australia. Our class was given a fine sample of Shibari, with Murasaki san demonstrating a Yukimura Ryū style tie on my 6’4” slave, manoeuvring him with ease, purely by using technique instead of strength.

Murasaki san and Yukimura Sensei were very keen to see my professional session space, so in addition to some typical Melbourne tourist attractions, was a tour of the Collingwood Confidential. Murasaki san’s thoughts of the dungeon, along with some of her experiences from the trip are in her blog. If you are a seeking a professional Shibari or BDSM experience in Tokyo, you best contact Mistress Murasaki.

On Saturday we were joined by Ayako San who is a model and student of Yukimura Sensei, and a great addition in the translation department.

The week long experience for me was enjoyable and enriching and I look forward to what the future has to hold in my Shibari/Kinbaku journey.

Many thanks to

Yukimura Sensei, YukimuraHaruki

Murasaki san, MistressMurasaki

Ayako san   Ayako Kanou and

Melbourne Rope Dojo, MelbourneRopeDojo

Alex Vicia