Time for a good Blogging

July 2, 2019

Yes you Read it right,

its time for a good blogging!


Winter began with my first visit to Tasmania. The weather was gorgeous and I spent some enjoyable hours, walking along the Derwent River bank.

The Salamanca Market was full of amazing art, clothes and treats! I found a couple of interesting books for my collection. One of them was a classic called – ‘The Girls Own Annual, Flora Klickmann, 1910-1911. It’s full of helpful hints, advice on quilting, the use of salts, jam making, and all those wonderful activities that … I have no wish to learn. The second book is ‘A Guide to Human Sexual Display, Body Packanging’, Julian Robinson, 1988. I don’t need to explain too much more about the contents of this colourful book and I am looking forward to examining the contents for myself.


Fetish Palace – Adelaide

The only regret I have of Adelaide, is that I do not travel there as often as I should. I can’t compliment the Fetish Palace enough for being an amazing space; thanks to the hard work by Mistress Gabrielle and her dedicated team. It’s always a pleasure.

Fetish House – Melbourne

After more than a decade of life as a BDSM professional, I made the decision to make an appearance at Fetish House, in more than a member of public at ‘open day’ capacity. Until now, I’ve mostly chosen to keep travel distance to and from my professional base, as short as possible; mostly for the elimination of stress. But I know that there is so much more for me to learn, and experience in this industry, and I look forward to further developement via this amazing establishment. The management at Fetish House were friendly and welcoming, and I am very excited to be beginning fortnightly, on Tuesday July 9th. I enjoyed an introduction day there a couple of weeks ago, and I’m looking forward to next Tuesday!

Collingwood Confidential

You will still find me in Collingwood most Thursdays, and Saturdays. I’m also flexible, with notice, most mornings after I’ve exercised. Don’t let winter stop you from visiting me in the dungeon. Between the excellent heating, and my generous variety of implements, you’ll warm up in no time!


Temple 22

Recently I was made aware of the Temple 22 collection, to be auctioned online. It was my first attempt at bidding, and I spent an hour at the keyboard, nervously watching the numbers tick over. Luckily I had a sponsor who had his heart set on Mistress Rueben’s collection of straps and canes. And, I’m now the proud owner of this beautiful set. Unfortunately, my chaotic schedule did not allow me to visit Temple 22, but I did meet Mistress Rueben several years ago during a visit to Salon Kittys. My lucky slave had both Mistress Rueben and myself for a Double Domination session. I’m sure there are many lucky fetishists, slaves, and subs in the world with wonderful memories of both Salon Kittys and Temple 22!

Don’t forget – Book Ahead

And I look forward to meeting you!

Keep an eye on my travel page, and my blog for updates.


Alex Vicia