The Trusted Tawse

October 28, 2022


‘Over the last few months there have been considerable comments regarding the Scottish Tawse. I decided to do a little research.
The Tawse was a strap of choice by most UK teachers approximately between 1889 and 1986, with the first being made by R Philip & Son in 1884. There were several leather makers suppling a range of them. One such maker was George Dick of Lochgelly Fife i.e. Lochgelly Tawse.
The Dick Tawse came in various weights for severity, starting at an M for younger students, up to the XH for older students, being extremely severe due to greater weight and density.

Mistress Alex was the Mistress of choice for the practical side of my research, and an appointment time was made for Wednesday, 12:30pm at Fetish House.
I rang the door bell and was let into the waiting room. Shortly the door opened and Mistress Alex requested me to follow her to Room 2. We entered the room and I saw the 3 brand new John Dick Tawse. Mistress picked up each Tawse in turn and showed me the markings.
No.1 – M – Medium, No.2 – H – Heavy, No.3 – H – Heavy.
Mistress said “I will give you 20 with each”, and I thought to myself ‘they don’t look too bad’.
20 strokes with M and still not too bad. 20 strokes with H and still coping. Then the next H … with the first stroke I wondered what had hit me! OMG it was severe! I received a further 19 strokes. The second H was a lot harder than the first and I had had enough! I felt every stroke!
Mistress went to the corner of the room and picked up a 1 meter long cylinder. She removed the cap to then bring out 6 new canes from English Vice Canes
It was a magnificent looking set that she was showing off. Then Mistress said, “Bend over. I’m going to give you 6 of each starting with the dragon cane. With the first cut I thought I might pass out. It wasn’t just 6 strokes; it was six on each side! So after a total of 48 strokes, I heard, ‘we are done’… thank goodness!

If you are looking to experience a tawsing or a caning I can thoroughly recommend Mistress Alex with her attention to detail from preparation to concern for the client, taking you to the next level. Mistress has a huge collection of straps, tawse, whips and canes and in using them is confident and professional.

In my opinion Mistress Alex is all class.

Thank you so much YSFB’