Thank you!

May 27, 2013

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Dear Mistress Alex,

Thank You so much for the session You gave me last week. It was just the most mind-blowing experience. Every time I have submitted to You has been like this. I have been happy and high for days on end afterwards. You are so superbly inside my head. You fuck my mind so brilliantly which I suppose makes it easier to surrender to You.

When I am lying naked on the floor and I hear Your footsteps down the corridor, when the door opens and You enter the Dungeon, that is the most erotically charged moment I can ever imagine. All my lurid, twisted fantasies are made real the moment you enter.

For two hours You hold me in the palm of Your hand. This feeling keeps getting better each time I submit to You. I can’t say that each session is better. I can’t compare one superb caning to the next but I do know I love each session more. It is not just Your flawless technique with everything You do. I feel half the time like you are holding me on the edge and the other like you are pushing me off a cliff. It doesn’t matter, You always take me to a place where I let go of all inhibitions and fears. It is the most unbelievable rush.

Last week was no exception. Everything You did was brilliant. Your caning, I am now so greedy for it. The pauses between the strokes are almost as exquisite as when You strike my flesh. The way You tease and put dark thoughts in my mind. You have nailed the art of erotic torture. I just want it more and more.

I love Your new piece of furniture. It’s just so versatile. What a fantastic position to be put into be caned. I was restricted, totally vulnerable, yet no pressure on any joints. I just sank into the prolonged torture

Then the ending You gave me was the stuff of dreams. So many of my porno readings as a teenager had the slave/victim being fucked until they came. I thought it was from the annals of fiction but that’s what You did to me. Spread-eagled and bound in Your sling, totally vulnerable, with that brilliant predicament. The nastiest of clamps on my nipples and my bound balls, attached to Your suspension so that the slightest movement brought pain and so much pleasure. You fucking me slowly. I must have been writhing like a lunatic. The intense pleasure of Your fucking caused me to cum harder than I have ever cum before. It was an amazing end to an amazing session.

As I said earlier, the sessions with you just keep getting better. I’m sitting here, days later, still blissed out. Yet again You made me high as a kite, all without drugs. Thank You so much, Mistress Alex.

Yours submissively,