Stable hands

August 7, 2013

Review – by M 3rd August 2013

As odd it may seem, I chanced onto Mistress Alex through Annabel Ross’ article on Theage (Link as follow)


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Due to various circumstances, I had always been hesitant to explore the scene and lurked in the shadows. As a closet latex fetishist/kinkster, the article triggered an adrenaline rush of thoughts and I decided it now was the time.

I had never been comfortable with the idea of Pro-Dommes, due to the various horror stories and anecdotes of ‘bad eggs’. After extensive research online, followed by supportive email exchanges with Mistress Alex, the rest can be only described as a head diving experience into the deep end.

Upon our first meeting, Mistress Alex instantly came across as dominating figure and exuberated power in her presence.  I surrendered immediately and any vestiges of my dominance were quickly stripped away. Foolishly, I managed to straight away displease Mistress in the first session and received a plethora of punishment, much to my secret delight.

From my experience with Mistress Alex so far, she is well skilled in the various implements of pain and constantly on a journey of self-improvement.  Apart from the physical aspect of bdsm, what I most enjoy in the sessions are the mental interactions. Mistress Alex keeps my brain constantly on its toes and challenging me to provide with satisfactory answers. She delights in toying with my grey matter and pushing it to the mental limits. (My smart-ass mouth has gotten me into constant trouble!).

Most importantly, Mistress Alex is true professional and excellent in observing the reactions of her subjects. She takes you to the limits, pushes it and knows when to back off. While her appearance may seem frigid, Mistress Alex provides excellent physical & mental care, during and post session.

Apart from my training in submission, Mistress Alex has provided valuable guidance in life and actively encouraged me to explore the Melbourne scene as per my requests. The post session talks are always memorable and leave lasting impressions, even after the euphoria has worn off.

I am now living my fantasy and cannot recommend Mistress Alex highly enough. I have joined her stable as a highly satisfied slave and always eagerly looking forward to the next session.

For those curious out there, I only have one advice: Fortune favours the brave, the rest Mistress Alex can take care of. In her dungeon, you will finally have the chance to be your true self.

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