Spanking Casey

March 1, 2013

I had my first spanking with Alex last week and was surprised with how enjoyable and comfortable the experience was.
Being younger and female, I’ve never experienced any kind of spanking during my upbringing and over the last few years have been very curious to what the experience would be like.
Naturally I was nervous booking my first ever session but Alex made me feel very comfortable. She remained professional, direct and commanding of my attention which really got me excited.
After a lengthy spanking which left my bottom feeling quite heated, Alex continued to use a paddle on me. The paddle was more painful than the spanking but the burning sensation felt so good and left me wanting more.
It was discussed before the session that if I were up to it we would continue with 6 cane strokes. Alex tested my pain threshold with a single strike, and then continued with the next 5 strokes. It was a much more intensified feeling which really got the adrenaline rushing.

Knowing that I could halt the session at any time with one word made me feel far more comfortable. I think the reason I took so long to initially book an appointment was the fear of not being able to stop things if I were not enjoying the experience.

My experience with Alex was very exciting and satisfying.

I’m already excited and looking forward to my next visit.

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