Sensory Deprivation

July 23, 2022

Sensory Deprivation with Mistress Alex

I hope you’re keeping happy and productive as Winter kicks in. It’s a busy time in the dungeon right now, and I’m loving it!

It’s the season for Sensory Deprivation (SD).

Many people find SD a calming form of play, so maybe you’re looking for some peaceful time-out during this overstimulating Winter?

Much of the time we don’t even realise how our senses are being stimulated, but when we start consciously shutting them down, or ‘depriving’ them of stimulus we can focus on building up these feelings. Sense Dep puts you in a far more receptive place, with less external distractions.

The sensory information I feed you will be felt on a more intense level, and your mind will likely be in a state of excited anticipation.

A common way of trying SD is with blindfolds and hoods, and many people are happy starting there. For those of you looking for a heavier experience, I am also very much into that. I love doing full mummification with saran wrap, or tape, and indulging in leather cuffs and hoods for deprivation purposes. And don’t forget I have a beautiful Leather Body Bag just waiting to encase you.

Looking forward to depriving you in the best possible way,

Mistress Alex