October 15, 2013

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Last night I attended the premiere of the Cinekink Tour by Gala Vanting and Sensate Films.

I arrived at the Loop Bar not knowing what to expect. I’d not researched the Sensate site and knew nothing in detail about Gala Vantings adventures.

Adult film is not something I have taken great interest in over the years. Finding erotic and stimulating product to view is not easy and through lack of interest and lack of knowing where to look, my knowledge of erotica or porn is limited. I have on occasion seen some seemingly typical porn. – One setting by memory is a typical lounge room with two ladies sitting on a couch, giggling and slowly removing one another’s clothes and indulging in some fun fingering and/or kissing one another. Oh… and then a guy walks in with a huge boner and penetrates one of them from behind while the other keeps licking. Maybe another guy would come in and shove his huge penis into the spare mouth and they all explode together. – Nothing to write home about so I gave up wasting my time watching something that was not stimulating at all.

Last night, on the other hand, was like nothing I’d see before.

One of the movies (Rift) features a man sitting on his front porch, centre steps, smoking a cigarette. He is of average build, attractive enough, with a couple of tattoos. Another man appears. He is of average build, height and looks. He’s standing on the side-walk at the beginning of the path to the house, looking straight ahead at the tattooed man who is still smoking the cigarette. Not a word is spoken between the two men. The eye contact and eyebrow movement speak in volumes. The obvious feelings between the two men have everyone in the loop bar silently watching and waiting for the next movement or gesture. One quick sideways movement of the head signals that the timing is not right and the visitor is gone as quickly as he arrived. The path is empty. A woman comes out of the house and tells the man on the step that she loves him. After a moment he returns the comment as she is returning to the house. He then sits alone, and wipes the moisture from his left eye before lighting another cigarette and taking a deep breath.

I don’t know how long the movie ran for, or if I have the content exactly correct. I do know that the film was so well done and so intense that I can still see his face in my mind. When I think about that face, and how I felt watching it, the feeling is still with me. I like it. A few moments in time, captured so well, and so intense that they last into the night and I can still think clearly of them while I write.

All of the movies were unique and had their own story and style. They made me interested in what was actually taking place, rather than the usual viewing of porn where it always ends in ejaculation and the only wonder is which hole he is going to fill next. The films ranged from funny, to intense, sad, erotic, sadomasochistic and so much more.


Alex Vicia