March 22, 2015

My latest review sent to me via Mistress Review

I recently moved to Melbourne and wanted to meet a Domme who would continue my education into this lifestyle. I spent a lot of time and effort trying to find the right lady to serve. With Mistress Alex Vicia, I believe my search effort has borne fruit.
I had met up with Mistress Alex socially to get to know each other. I must say, that the pictures do not do justice to her. She is far more beautiful in person. She was very friendly and answered many of my doubts and concerns. She put my mind at ease as we discussed some of my fantasies. At the dungeon I got to see the dominant side of her. From the time she came to meet me outside the dungeon I could sense her commanding presence power. When she led me into her dungeon, I was in awe of her. When she slipped on the collar at the start of the session, it brought me truly under her control.
During our earlier interaction she had told me about her shibari training and love for sensory deprivation. I got a small taste her immense talent and expertise in these areas. Keeping blindfolded while she worked her magic with the ropes to immobilise me, but granting her complete access to do as she pleased. She was very perceptive and knew exactly what I was thinking. She kept me on my toes (literally sometimes) and did not let the session to simply drift along. Her commanding voice would send chills down the spine and at the same time send the heart racing wanting to please her in any way I could. My efforts, however, did not meet her exacting standards and was chastised often for being unable to carry out her commands correctly. Her expert use of the cane as an instrument of punishment and correction had me whimpering in seconds. It was, however, her words of disapproval sometimes felt worse than getting caned.
They say that time flies when you are doing something you like. My time serving Mistress Alex for me got over much too soon. I would love to get another opportunity to serve her.


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