December 10, 2014

Puppy play Melbourne

I have been a very lucky person who has seen Mistress Alex for almost three years. I was very new when I first started. I was interested but hadn’t really embraced the concept. That all changed when I first met Mistress Alex. Mistress always makes you feel comfortable but there is also an air of apprehension, anticipation and sexual tension.

I wasn’t sure which areas I was going to fall into and with the wonderful guidance of Mistress have tried many. I have genuinely enjoyed every session as they are well organised and Mistress has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what you want or of course she knows and won’t do it !! There is always an excellent balance of reward and punishment. I have learned to take punishment and enjoy it thanks to Mistress. My beautiful Mistress has introduced me to puppy play and I can dress up and completely devote myself to my owner Mistress.

I enjoy the pre time waiting for Mistress thinking about what Mistress has planned. I love when she walks in and commands the room and I completely submit. I love licking her shoes and doing anything Mistress wants. In a world where we feel like each day is the same and we feel tired and flat. Go and see Mistress Alex and you will feel alive !! Plus she is gorgeous, sexy, and intelligent and has the best costumes.