June 15, 2016

Dear Mistress Alex,



‘Dear Mistress Alex,
I had that urge that wouldn’t go away.
It tormented me for 3 years. I remembered that movie I saw some years ago called Pulp Fiction which had countless, unpredictable events. Given it had been some time ago that I saw you and that today you decided to accept my appointment without adequate notice, I was most surprised and thankful that you did accepted me as your anal slut. During your intro, you made me aware that, even being stern and specific about your requirements, you are also a very, nurturing. humble and generous creature with decent level of humanity and willing to offer your service with much grace, courtesy and respect. Your session was conducted in exactly the manner that I envisaged and indeed you left me at its conclusion cloud nine.

Mistress Alex new BDSM furniture


We started our session with some mild to moderate corporal punishment, stimulating my torso whilst having my hands cuffed to rope and chained to the pulley device. It became obvious to me that you were a seasoned practitioner in rope bondage. Being swift, precise, confident yet careful in no time you had me at your mercy to whip my back and bottom so as to prepare me for what was to arrive next. My balls were tight – yes it was cold today -which meant they were higher than usual for warmth. You affectionately cupped my balls and asked me to relax for them to resume to their normal position which would allow you to tie them so as to hang weights. Skill and precision again. Although feeling quite anxious you put me at ease right throughout making me feel incredibly relaxed by placing my entire trust in your capable hands. Your next move was to clamp my soft tender nipples and this part hurt me the most. I was in pain and you were pleased to see me squirm and suffer. Mistress Alex, you had no inclination to release me from my misery until it was time to say the five letter word starting with ‘M’ for which you made me pay by fucking my arse with your 12-inch black strap-on. But as was the case with the movie Pulp Fiction there was another unexpected twist; a steel cased vibrator to be used to heighten both our sexual arousal and to stimulate your anal slut’s clitoris whilst you penetrated that hole which now belonged to you and used only for your pleasure. And as the vibrator climaxed me to a point of no return, you increased the penetration of that big black dildo into that pathetic little hole until almost all of it was inserted. Yes you had me in a state of submission and you had me powerless at your disposal given you had cuffed my hands and feet to your custom made fucking stool. It got deeper and deeper until I had enough and with only 2 inches to go I begged you to pause for a breather. By that time the prostate was ready to release every ounce of semen, and the only thing holding it from doing so was the fact that those balls were tied tight and secure.

When you untied them it was the finale I waited for that left me breathless. You milked your anal slut’s prostate with an orgasm that shook me for minutes on end. I had the most enjoyable time and yes you were brilliant. Till next time Mistress Alex and thank you for releasing into the wild with a glowing smile.

Yours truly and with honour

Thank you so much Ron!


Mistress Alex

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