August 6, 2015

Rope domination Melbourne
If you want to see what’s underneath

this whip wielding latex loving cat-suited Dominatrix bitch, book an appointment and you will see for yourself.

I feel I am only at the beginning of something special in the dungeon when it comes to Shibari.
Here is my latest review, and many thanks to the writer…

‘I have had an interest in BDSM for many years and after a long absence decided to seek out a mistress with whom I could establish a long term relationship. My particular interest is in rope bondage and discipline.

I wanted to experience rope bondage at its highest level and after searching the Internet and social media only Mistress Alex stood out. She is expert in Japanese rope bondage. She visits Japan to further her experience and attends regular class to hone her skills.

The first session I had with Alex turned out to be the highlight of all my experiences in BDSM. Her self assurance, confidence, skill and physicality mean the experience starts when you are waiting for the first knot to be tied, that first knot, to the process of being tied, to the pain and pleasure she administers when you are immobilised, to being untied and then set free.

The experience is hypnotic. She creates a deep connection with you. You are always aware of her physical presence which makes her sessions so memorable and so unique yet at the same time you are completely confident that she is also managing your welfare and safety.

I had a second session with Alex recently and it was a similar experience. I plan to have many more.
I would recommend Mistress Alex to anyone who wishes to have a mistress who is highly skilled in her craft, who you can trust completely and who has a genuine interest in you, your interests and needs.