October 12, 2021

Todays topic is about breaking records.

No, not mine, the topic is Victoria breaking all world records for lockdown. One thing for certain is that there’s no doughnut day here any time soon. On the plus side, vaccinations are getting closer to 80% and hopefully we can all get back to the office as planned in November.


On the topic of percentage, I feel it’s important to share my feelings on vaccination. The varying information and opinions about the vaccines have been rather confusing. After some consideration, I decided that it’s important for me to travel, if only to New Zealand to visit my family and friends. The safety of fellow service providers and clients alike is also important, so rather than take the risk, I have been double vaccinated as of a fortnight ago. To be honest, I just want to return to work, and the sooner the better!


 This lockdown is really killing my motivation, and I’ve been saying ‘tomorrow I’m going to…’ on a daily basis. Tomorrow doesn’t go to plan, because there is no plan. I’ve had some success in daily meditation. My mind often wanders during, but I’m remaining positive in the fact that I am creating a beneficial daily habit. Another great habit has been reading. ‘Mating in Captivity’ by Esther Perel was my last peruse and I do recommend it! Reading, meditation, and exercise have been my mental health savers in recent months; although I have slipped of the wagon many a time with the daily exercise routine.

Mental Health

Speaking of mental health, I’m writing this on World Mental Health Day. I do wish you all well, every day, and those of you whom I’ll be seeing in person; you know who you are, and I truly can’t wait!


It would be cruel of me to finish another blog without adding some Fetish content. A big Thank you to those of you who’ve donated financially this lockdown.

I’ll leave you with a photo of these much appreciated Leather gifts.


Sincerely thank you,

Alex Vicia