My wardrobe

June 11, 2013

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I was on a site earlier that was querying the reason women love tight clothing and corsets.

I thought it a good enough subject to blog.

The curves on a woman are beautiful and a laced corset makes them even more so. The shiny smooth effect that latex has on a woman’s body is sculptured beauty.

The pleasure I get when lacing my corset tighter, and tighter, or when I slide the latex catsuit on, is visual… the end result.

My wardrobe is catered to both my taste and my vocation and since my pictures go on a site that sells ‘me’ to my clientele, I strive to look the best I possibly can. I do enjoy receiving compliments for my efforts. It strokes my ego in the right places and gives me a sense of satisfaction.

I have a growing fondness for the latex, corsets and heels in my wardrobe.

At the age of 39 I am still working on my own style. I see it as an ever evolving journey.

Alex Vicia