More Fetish

September 19, 2013

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After my recent trips to New Zealand and Adelaide life is getting back to normal for me. A smooth routine is not an easy task in my industry; still I prefer the freedom I have in my vocation rather than being a slave to an office desk. In saying that, I have lately been playing the occasional office role play. Stockings and suspenders with a nice business suit and heels can be fun for an hour or two at a time, in the dungeon.

This weekend I won’t be too available for appointments as I will be socialising at the first day of Oz Kink Fest. This is a yearly event held at the Fitzroy Town Hall. Many of the lifestylers and scenesters get together and celebrate with events, parties, shows, fashion parades, stalls and a number of workshops. I find it a great opportunity to slip into my latex and enjoy the festivities.

I’ll do my best to take photos and add a blog after the event to keep my readers entertained.


Alex Vicia