Leather Weather

June 5, 2018

Welcome back!


After the gorgeous mild weather I experienced on my recent trip to New Zealand, Melbourne’s Autumn has been true punishment! Anticipating a cruel winter, I ventured out this week and bought two pairs of beautiful leather boots. One pair is more suited to casual wear, and the other a perfect fit for the office. Thanks to my wonderful fetish sponsor I look forward to showing them off to you!

Speaking of ‘fit’, a few of us at the gym have decided on a June Challenge to keep us motivated on 2 degree mornings. For those of you who follow my Instagram timeline, be aware it might be more swamped than usual with boxing pictures.

I’ll let you have a break from boxing clips during Queens Birthday weekend. I’m spending June 9th and 10th in Adelaide and running sessions at the Fetish Palace. I am fairly booked for this short visit, but if we’ve met before and you wish for an appointment, do contact me sooner rather than later. I’ll do my best to fit you in. If we are unable to meet this time, keep an eye on my travel page as I plan to return to Adelaide early July.

Following Queens Birthday Weekend I’ll be back in Collingwood.

I’ll see you in our nice warm dungeon for some Fetish fun!

Alex Vicia