I Love a good Role-play

October 8, 2016

I love Role-play!

Mistress Alex and Oz Kink Festival

Oz Kink Fest

Speaking of Fetish; this year’s OzKinkFest was an exciting one. Fetish Expo was a hive of exciting stalls, volunteers, shoppers and performers. I of course made time in my busy schedule for shopping and found myself a lovely new corset, and some rather cute torture toys to experiment with in the dungeon.

Hellfire Resurrection

Hellfire Resurrection was the highlight for me. For those of you who don’t know of Hellfire Resurrection, it’s one of Australia’s biggest Fetish events, held annually, right here in Melbourne. It attracts a variety of party goers including BDSM lifestylers, professionals, performers, and fetishists alike. Many enthusiasts will start prepping weeks before the event making sure everything is in place for an exciting night out.

 photo by cyppie



My costume for the evening was a nun’s uniform, complete with a habit and rosary beads. I was literally shaking with adrenaline as I had the opportunity to perform on stage, during a classroom role play with an ill mannered school girl. Her insolent behaviour earned herself a punishment including rope suspension, caning, and a lesson in strap-on submission.

For me personally it was a pleasant ending to an exciting OzKinkFest. If you did not get a chance to enjoy the festivities this year, be sure to add it to your diary for 2017.

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Confession time with Sister Alex

Alex Vicia