Fetish Issue

August 1, 2016

Penthouse Magazine


Photo by Richie Elliott
I was recently invited by Australian Penthouse Magazine to advertise in their annual Fetish Issue.

What a wonderful opportunity for fans and clients to take pleasure in viewing my latex collection in a totally new form! Keep an eye out on the book shelves for Penthouse Black Label Fetish Issue; with Mistress Tokyo on the front cover, complete the purchase and get those latex loving fingers turning pages. Alternatively you can order a copy from a variety of sites or subscribe online via the Australian Penthouse website. Once you are done with inspecting shiny latex, head to the Q&A pages where you’ll find a few questions and answers about my love of Shibari.

On a similar note, I’ve not been available in the dungeon so often of late, as I’ve spent many hours learning more about Shibari. Dedicated Osada Ryu rope enthusiasts were very lucky to have a visit from Osada Steve himself, thanks to Melbourne Rope Dojo.

My schedule is now back to normal and I’m looking forward to catching up. Spring is on the way and nice weather is always a motivator so if I have not seen you recently, I look forward to seeing you soon!

Alex Vicia