September 2, 2021


Covid19 knows how to ruin a New Years Resolution!

And it appears to be spreading like wildfire. It’s been too long since day 1,  and rather than be consumed by the daily press reports, I’ve been finding productive alternatives to fill my spare time.


Daily Meditation is providing a positive brainwashing tool for me.

After hearing Dawson Church explain his own years of research and scientifically proven testing on the subject, meditation will have a future role in my life, along side fitness, and of course – Fetish. Gone is the belief of the brain being inflexible to change, and I excitedly look forward to creating new superpowers to add to my repertoire.

Also with my spare time I still listen to my favourite podcasts. Thanks to an awesome interview by Tiffanee Cook starring Bill Saunders, I recently finished reading his book called ‘What Happened’. If you have any interest in mental Health issues, this is a very educational read, through the eyes of a clinical psychologist. Mental illness was for many years a subject that nobody wanted to talk about, but in recent times has made many a headline.

Sex work; another subject that is close to my heart, is very slowly catching up, and after seeing Bella Green on a television interview discussing the stigma of the worlds oldest profession, I had to read her book ‘Happy Endings’. Literally about Happy Endings, this book is raw, real and has plenty of laughs. I highly recommend it if you’re sex worker friendly. If you’re not, then you should definitely read it.


As much as I’d like to sit around and read all day, I do not need more Covid kgs.  I’ve tried to maintain daily physical activity by at least walking.  It’s not easy. Well it is easy for me to walk I guess, but the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel is constantly being altered. One motivator has been my smartwatch, which gives me daily targets and monthly challenges, that I am not keeping up with. Some weeks I do very little of anything, but it’s not like I’m short of time, so I’ll keep working on it!




I’ve had a number of calls and messages inquiring about in-person sessions. The way I see it is; if you can afford to have a session with me during lockdown, (which is not going to happen due to restrictions) then you can afford to pay for my time for Fetish content phone calls. For those of you who are losing your minds, rather than take the risk, I am happy to see you via a paid video or voice call. Last week I put on my Doctor’s coat and enjoyed a few tele-clinic calls and online training.

If you feel this option is one you need, contact me via text or email for my Beemit account details.


A few days back my Instagram accounts signed themselves out and would not let me back in.

Twitter is the social media platform that you’ll find me available on until further notice.





I am very lucky to have friends and clients who are constantly offering support. Over the years I’ve invested a lot in my profession, and I’m especially grateful to those of you who appreciate it by compliments, positive reviews, gifts, support, and paid phone or video calls. Since I have plenty of time to spare, I’m attempting to at least weekly, dress up a little and take a few selfies. So in addition to paid calls, I’ll be offering (non-explicit) photos. This idea is thanks to a lovely gentleman who complimented me on my pictures, before asking me if I’d consider ‘slipping into a latex number’!

While I’m on the subject of dressing up, my new boots arrived in the mail today, and I’m very excited! So a huge thank you again to my special friend.

I can’t wait to return to the ‘office’ for a fresh start, with my new leather wardrobe!


Not a lot of Fetish in this blog update, but here’s a taste of what’s to come when I’m back in action!

Sincere regards

Alex Vicia