Mistress Alex is now at Club Pleasure

August 8, 2017

Club Pleasure

Club Pleasure Fetish Room

Mistress Alex at Club Pleasure

Welcome readers and followers!


I hope you’re all keeping warm and well this winter in Australia, or where ever in the world you are.


It’s been a cool and wet one here in Melbourne and perfect boot weather, so I’ve been out exploring in mine. On a recent venture I discovered Club Pleasure in Huntingdale; and the lovely (and Evil I’m sure), Mistress Syrine who has invited me to be part of her Dominatrix and Fetish team!


I’m excited for the opportunity to spread my wings to a new Fetish and BDSM location. If you’re interested in spreading yours, I’ll be spending my Thursdays at Club Pleasure between 11am and 8pm.


Currently the Fetish Room is in the early stages of renovations and thanks to Mistress Syrine, will soon be a dungeon of the highest calibre, with new furniture arriving by Spring. In the meantime, I am quite sure you’ll have other things on your mind thanks to Mistresses of the highest calibre.


If you check out the Club Pleasure site you’ll see why I am so excited to be sharing this wonderful house of pleasure … and pain!


I’ll be available throughout August. For the first half of September I will have limited times available.  If you wish to book in successfully, be sure to contact me sooner rather than later.


Thursday – Huntingdale at Club Pleasure 

Saturday  – Collingwood at Collingwood Confidential

For information and appointments contact with me via my contact page.


Alex Vicia