July 24, 2013


I have had numerous slaves ask me to be the key holder of their chastity. I see it as quite a responsibility and until now have never committed affirmatively to a request. Yes I have mentioned it as a fantasy purely as a mind control during session, but having a long time slave turn up with his own chastity cage and request that I, over time turn the fantasy into a reality, was a pleasant surprise.

Chastity slave:


“Mistress Alex had discussed with me on several occasions the possibility of me being placed into chastity on a permanent basis. In this was way she could control my erections and only allow me to masturbate in front of her. For some time I had been hesitant to try this. However, recently I had become more excited by the fact that my Mistress would be able to control me in the form of a keyholder.”
 chastity, Cb6000, slave in chastity, chastity cage,
“Upon purchasing the CB6000 I was keen for Mistress Alex to apply the device and see how I would handle a period of ‘confinement’. This has been a challenge to date, however I am keen to please Mistress Alex and have her place me in permanent chastity one day so that she can truly control me in this regard.”

This will be an ongoing experience that is new for us both. I will keep the blog updated with occasional feedback from my chastity slave.

Alex Vicia