Chastity slave

February 20, 2016

Chastity slave
Recently I decided that one of my naughty slaves needed some chastity training.

Here is some feedback from an over excited slave!

‘Over the three years I have been seeing Mistress Alex we have never tried chastity.
My senses were on full when Mistress messaged me that she was going to put the cock cage on the next time I served her. I couldn’t get there quick enough!! When I saw Mistress Alex I was soon told to strip and watch as a silicone cage was lubed up and Mistress encased my penis and balls and a lock was put on. There were many feelings initially… will it hurt ? will my balls turn blue?, will I last the two days before I’m to be released?

Three hours in I could not stop smiling, checking to see if everything was on track and in its place and feeling amazing. Then I went for a swim and everything went badly as one ball when I got home slipped under through the ring. I was shattered as the more I tried to have the cage back in its original spot the more I couldn’t and had to cut the lock !!

I sent a message to Mistress knowing there would be punishment involved.

Luckily I had a spare lock and was able to put the cage on and lock it myself which was good but I knew it was compromised and had let Mistress Alex down. The cage stayed on all night and I woke to the excitement of seeing Mistress and being released from the cage. Mistress instructed me where to leave the key and made me stay in the cage throughout the session. One of my punishments was to massage Mistress which although being wonderful made the cage very uncomfortable.

Strangely for the next 24 hours I still felt the cage was on, or maybe just wanted it back on. I really do hope Mistress Alex says soon I will have my next experience of chastity as I felt exhilarated, excited and that was I was really doing something naughty.

I can’t wait until Mistress decides the next chastity training session and wished that i could always be locked up by Mistress Alex!!

Chastity slave.