C Words

September 10, 2019

C words

What’s the first word that comes to mind?  Yes me too!

Corporal punishment

Corporal punishment

This season so far has been full of it, and I’ve loved it all!  A recent, very complimentary visitor of my corporal punishment style, was happy for me to share his feedback:

‘Just a quick note to sincerely thank you for the magnificent thrashing you gave my bared bottom tonight. My bottom was throbbing and it felt like it had a blow torch on it! The bruises you were kind enough to give me are wonderful great colours and the spacing of the strokes was excellent. I was after a painful thrashing and you certainly gave it to me. I enjoyed each stroke and even some 2 hours after the hiding, my bum is still warm!

PS you are a stunning looking Mistress and played the role of strict no nonsense Head Mistress to a tea.

Thanks again


And thanks to you too Anon. I very much enjoyed thrashing your bottom and look forward to seeing you again soon!


In other news; it’s the time of year for festivals, workshops, and parties. I have my ticket for OzKinkFest and I’ll be making the most of it by enjoying all 3 of these exciting activities! On the subject of workshops – I occasionally receive emails from aspiring mistresses, who wish to enter the scene professionally. The advice I give, aside contacting Fetish House in Oakleigh, is to invest some time and money into OzKinkFest workshops. This is a small price to pay, for the amount of skill that is shared by both local and international, professional and lifestyle practitioners. For me personally, and professionally, it has been a valuable investment. I look forward to visiting the Collingwood Town Hall, for amazing performances and the best BDSM and Fetish shopping that I’ve seen, all in one location right here in Melbourne!


This month is a little crazy, so my weekend availability will be by appointment only. My Thursdays at Collingwood Confidential, and fortnightly Tuesdays at Fetish House will continue as normal. Approximately mid November will be my next trip to The Fetish Palace in Adelaide. I have been delaying a trip to New Zealand,; so keep an eye on my travel page for updates, as it will be happening before Xmas.


I can’t think of any more C words right now. No such word as Can’t apparently; but that story is for another day.

I’ll see you, soon,

Alex Vicia