Be my Valentine!

February 18, 2013

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I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day but I did see it as an opportunity for me and my slave to go shopping. We visited the friendly team at Eagle Leather and found a shiny pocket-sized, potentially very angry piece of equipment for CBT play. With plenty of lubricant and some hand assistance I forced it onto my slave’s own equipment before slowly winding each screw in, tightening it around the whole shaft. During the screwing process I combined some rhythmic hand movement. Each time my slave started to swell with more excitement, the screws would dig deeper and he would groan in agony. I removed the eye piece and continued the hand motion more aggressively trying to complete the procedure. It was causing him discomfort so I removed the screws, also a slow and painful process for him, then allowed him to use his hand to finish the exercise.

This piece is a wonderful addition to my toy collection. It did leave marks for a few days so probably not suited for fiends who like to keep their fetishes in the closet. I look forward to introducing it into some of my more intense sessions.


Alex Vicia