January 20, 2013

January 2013

My first session with Alex Vicia late December 2012 at her amazing immaculate venue in Collingwood was the most erotic and overwhelming experience I have ever had in my entire life!!

With a penchant for lesbian domination porn I have developed fantasies that could not be lived out in my current vanilla social circle. Being male in my mid 30’s and currently single I have been fortunate enough to have had some great relationships and sexual encounters however curiosity got the better of me 🙂

After researching the internet for some time in search of a suitable Mistress I could submit to and explore the world of kink, I initially thought Alex would be a little heavy for my liking, I was completely wrong.

From the first point of contact with Alex I felt very comfortable communicating my desires, likes and dislikes which Alex then used to create a session that I could never have dreamed of and took my mind to a beautiful peaceful place where I could let go of everything and just be in the moment.

Alex found my heat with ease and total control. I felt completely safe submitting to Alex and was completely mesmerised by her appearance and presence. I believe Alex is even more beautiful in person than her photos capture and I really appreciate the amount of thought, time and effort Alex put in to my session.

I am in total lust for Alex Vicia and are looking forward to booking another session in the near future.


Thank you Mistress x