November 25, 2014

I enjoy a wide variety of session styles.

Occasionally I am asked what is my favourite type of session. For me, most of the time it’s not about the style or the scenario, it’s about whether two people are able to communicate.

Sissification is not something I as a service on my site, but do have a nice collection of latex hoods and a few corsets that I am happy to share if you wish for sissification to be a part of our session. This was the case for the sissy who insisted on me being the mistress for him, regarless of my lack of sissy wardrobe, and who wrote the following review.

” i have enjoyed 4 sessions with Mistress Alex . i would describe Her as a true fetishist , who is passionate about development and improvement . i study Her website closely , and have found much to admire in Her views and opinions . i would describe my relationship with Mistress Alex , as the most positive relationship of my life . i look forward to a lifetime of servitude . ” – Sissy

 Thank you SissyLatex Fetish, BDSM, Live it, Breathe it, Love it

Alex Vicia