October 4, 2014

Female domination

I adore my time in Mistress Alex’s Dungeon for many reasons. Her people skills and professional facilitation shines through every action and word she uses. It is clear that she lives and breathes dominance because she is authoritative without being authoritarian and that makes all the difference. Mistress Alex provides safety by paying attention to the subtle energies involved in each scene and asserts all that is necessary throughout.

Her understanding of the female psyche is extremely important to me. Knowing that I can choose what I want to experiment with to better get to know myself in areas that I cannot trust anyone else with, without repercussions, is a huge comfort. It builds a lovely friendship with deep understanding and connection. Mistress Alex is a genuine person.

I feel it’s necessary for women to take their own sexuality and sensuality into their own hands and provide for themselves the experiences they want and need without having to rely on friendships or relationships particularly when expansion or expression of the self is involved.

Thank you  Mistress Alex