January 31, 2013

This review was originally sent to the Mistress Review site.

Mistress Alex is stunning- ice blonde, fit, strong, feminine, beautiful. Long shapely legs, piercing eyes and a wise smile that has seen it all. She’s even more striking in the flesh – her confidence and poise will drive you to your knees.

Mistress Alex is an expert in her craft. She takes the smallest cues and hints from your halting explanations, twists and turns them into a narrative that brings your desires to life and makes fantasy a reality. In my case, she combined spanking, cane and paddling, cross-dressing, my first true golden shower and infantilism/ABDL play together all in the space of a single brief session. She wove together those strands, built a powerful connection with her eyes and voice, then pulled them together to a thrilling climax. Mistress Alex will push you to your limits, but never beyond. She is a true professional – safe, careful and experienced (with careful attention to medical limitations and aftercare)- but also seems to genuinely love her work. Whether you are experienced or a novice at exploring fetish and fantasy- you will not regret seeing Mistress Alex


January 2013