May 22, 2014

Mistress Alex and her inflatable latex

I have in the last few months enjoyed many wonderful latex sessions and have recently received a very positive review from a returning latex fan.

Not all of my clients have opportunity to give feedback on their own experience. When they do it is greatly appreciated as it offers me an insight into their own thoughts and fantasies. Thoughts aren’t always flowing from the mind to the mouth on a first meeting between myself and my subjects! Feedback can also be welcome information for those who have never delved into the world of professional BDSM and prefer to research before taking their first leap into the unknown. The following review gives you an insight like no other!

“I’m a long-time devotee & client of latex bondage domination, and had not the opportunity to travel to Melbourne for some time. So I typed in “latex mistress” into the search engine for Melbourne dommes and suddenly the amazingly stunning Mistress Alex Vicia was on my screen.

She immediately fascinated me. Here was a Mistress who looked immediately very self-aware & controlled, assured of herself, and there was something in her photos that indicated she was someone special to be admired, but more importantly, trusted.

With great nervousness I arranged a session by email with Mistress Alex at the dungeon.

On arriving I was greeted by friendly staff and immediately began to feel at ease. Mistress Alex was suddenly chatting to me face-to-face. On calling her Mistress, she immediately corrected me and said “Call me Alex for now”. My guard fell and I felt much more relaxed. However, Alex seemed distant and strangely at arm’s length. I recall this continued until we were in session.

My first session was a combination of latex bondage, CBT, hoods and the amazing latex bodybag. Alex’s demeanour completely changed and she was the Mistress in session. Overall I enjoyed it but I felt there was something missing. I thanked Alex for the session and went away to ponder what it was.

3 weeks later I emailed Alex again and requested another session. To my complete surprise she remembered who I was and answered she looked forward to the session, questioning the scenario in some detail – much more than she had the first time. This included positions, my likes & dislikes from the first session and what she might wear. I was extremely surprised as in my experience; no Mistress had ever gone into such detail. Alex was extremely positive in her comments and I felt strangely excited about the next session, much more than my first.

For my second session again I was greeted warmly and this time Alex literally was waiting for me, which caught me by surprise – as most Mistresses keep you waiting and you can hear them coming with their click-clack heels (sorry Mistresses out there – it’s a known sub rule!) This time Alex was much less distant and more welcoming, as if she was more prepared. As I spoke with her about the upcoming session I realised it was me, not Alex, who had changed. I was being much more open and honest with her – and as a result she was better prepared to address the needs of the session under her discretion.
Alex asked me if there was anything else I needed to add, I confessed I fear suspension – because I had been dropped to the floor years ago, which frightened me greatly. To my complete surprise Alex was sympathetic and understanding – agreeing suspension should be out of the question!

As we progressed the session Alex quietly and steadily built up the bondage, first with latex mitts and hood, then with an amazing CBT cock-balls tie that still leaves me breathless when I think about it. The stimulation on my balls had me groaning for more, which Alex had complete control of. Alex also changed hoods regularly so my sight was taken away from me, leaving me only to feel and hear, while controlling breathing slowly.

Alex then changed hoods again and put me into her amazing inflatable bodybag. I must comment here, I have never ever, ever experienced anything like it! I’m probably a freak in that I like restriction so much, which Alex’s bodybag presents in spades. Once completely inside, she inflated the bag and I could only just move and groan as my orgasm grew.

Now unable to move, Alex worked on my cock, keeping me going for at least 15 minutes until I finally came…it was without doubt the biggest orgasm I had and have ever had. I think in retrospect it was because Alex knew me better than I know myself, and I had finally let my guard down, without any fear or consequence – something I have never been able to do.

As we finished Alex surprised me by mentioning some of my dislikes from the 1st session and that she had noted the new ones for next time. Again I was completely surprised – here was a Mistress, professionally reassuring her client, for next time. Amazing! Alex also mentioned she hoped I had recovered from the fall – I said to her I had physically, but not yet mentally. But with Alex I just might…