July 3, 2015

A nice review from one of my regular visitors

just made my day!Provocation Melbourne

You are already in the site, so you have seen how beautiful Mistress is and what she offers. Words and photos are great but it is not until you experience time and meeting Mistress in the flesh that you really appreciate how special your experience will be.

Mistress is an excellent listener and will soon have you under her seductive spell as you look into her eyes. Mistress is a wonderful mix of caring, control and passion.

The whole experience begins walking into the dungeon, and while you are getting ready you take in all the toys and wonder which ones might be used on you. As I wait on my hands and knees completely naked my mind is spinning in anticipation and all my senses are alive. Hearing the door open and those heels walking towards me is captivating. I have seen Mistress for years, yet this moment is always exciting !!

Mistress will often ask what I would like but I completely trust what Mistress thinks and inevitably it will be exactly what I would have asked for. Sometimes sessions have been new to me eg mummification and these have always been wonderful. Mistress is a mind reader and knows what you want and how the session can please both Mistress and yourself. Mistress takes the time to improve and develop a person physically and mentally.

Mistress is truly the most positive, exciting and caring relationship I have had and I hope it continues for many years to come.

If you are looking for a pro domme then look no further Mistress Alex is the best.
It’s always nice to receive appreciation from my regular visitors.
Thank you and I look forward to our next encounter!