September 27, 2013

Some months ago I was contacted by ‘Rusty’ who wished to experience something that I do not specialise in, nor am I trained in. He requested for me to organise a hook suspension for him. Rusty’s research had been done and I was given by him the details of the Hangedmanteam here in Melbourne. Last week we completed the mission. When I say we, I as usual watched another endure extreme pain.

Rusty has kindly written me the details of his experience so that I can add it to my blog.


“I was once lucky enough to experience ‘Thaipusam’ the Hindu hook piercing festival and found what looked barbaric, truly fascinating. Not knowing until some years later that a similar practice was being performed hear in Melbourne and across most of the western world for pleasure, called hook suspension. Outside of the religious connection it is practised as an art form and just for the unique experience -of being suspended by hooks through the skin.

For myself it was the unique experience! I never expected to see angels!

By now you may be asking where does BDSM interact with suspension? It may be a fetish, it is kinky, maybe even insane but I needed to raise my pain threshold, and this was where Mistress Alex’s dungeon door opened. What could possibly be a more pleasurable experience and prepare me for suspension, than being in the hands of such a commanding Mistress.

The hook suspension took place at Hang Man Teams private venue in Melbourne. Being a private suspension the venue gave me the opportunity to prepare mentally to be lifted a meter or more off the ground. Four hooks, six gauge, inserted through the skin on my back. Those present were the obvious, me, Mistress Alex my photographer and moral supporter and Pete Sheringham from Hang Man Team. Pete inspired confidence and faith by talking me through the whole experience, a true professional in his calling. Mistress Alex, I still don’t know if her ‘Cheshire cat grin’ was to keep me calm or she was taking pleasure from my pain. Must ask her one day!? But without her I would never have had the confidence to go through with the suspension.

Would I suspend again – absolutely! It is such an intense sensation and for me pleasure. Would I recommend anyone else do it – absolutely! but only with Hang Man Team and get your head and body in the right place first with Mistress Alex. Its not for the faint hearted.

Now a little about a beautiful person. Mistress Alex has a way of putting you at ease and under her spell. That is a rare experience and is instantaneous. Putting such faith into the hands of another, giving them total control over your body and mind. That leap of faith is an amazing feeling. Why? Because I was also new to BDSM. Over the last couple of months Mistress Alex has electrically stimulated, pierced everything, spanked, probed, whipped, bound……. I look forward to our future sessions in receivingĀ  pleasure and pain, the Mistress Alex way (with a mischievous naughty girl smile). Never say ” it doesn’t hurt”, because it will next time. You learn this quickly with this Mistress.

God!!!!! I have loved every minute and I know that I will take my experience with Mistress Alex with me down whatever path I choose in the future. There will always be a part of this Mistress in me. Mistress Alex has given me an exhilarating time and opened my mind to a beautiful way of life.