Welcome to the world of Professional Dominatrix and Fetishist – Alex Vicia



About Me

I am Mistress Alex Vicia, professional and lifestyle Dominatrix and Fetishist.

By practicing both professional and lifestyle domination combined with extensive workshops and in-depth training from some of Australia’s finest Mistresses, I have developed into a sharp and competent, natural and sophisticated independent Domina. I strive to share with submissives, slaves and fetishists alike, a truly unforgettable experience.

If I find you amusing you might be privileged to catch a glimpse of a Mona Lisa smile and a twinkle in my eye. Undoubtedly this will be a result of willingness to divulge your fantasies and step into the beautiful world of hypnotic fantasy that envelops me and all that surrounds me and my entrancing blue eyes that are enough to bring you to your knees. My taut yet petite figure is strong yet commanding. Standing 5,10 in stilettos I will have you offering yourself as a willing and obedient slave to my desires!

First timers or seasoned players alike are welcome to contact me. One time sessions are catered to, although I do prefer the intensity of regular ongoing training, communication and experiences. No matter what your needs, this will be a far finer journey than you ever imagined.

I will answer all respectful correspondence with detailed information on how to go about booking an appointment. I treat every interaction as unique and take time to plan each appointment tailored to suit both my own taste and the needs of each submissive, slave or fetishist. A same day booking is unlikely unless you visit on a regular basis so I suggest you book in advance, to avoid disappointment.

About You

As much as my profession is about my entertainment, and pleasure, I also care about your needs and desires, and your enjoyment of the experience that we share.

Not everyone is a seasoned player so if you are unsure what exactly you need, request an introductory session. A basic session will give you an introduction into my world and my style. The aim of your first experience might just be to find out what it is you desire more; or less of, and what you wish to add to the experience in future. It’s also an opportunity for me and you to gain connection and understanding of you and your desires.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Contact Me

To find out more about session tributes, availability and interstate appointments email me via my contact page.