Welcome to My World of Professional Domination and Fetish!

About Me

A Nun, a Queen, a Latex Lady… A Leather-clad Conqueror, a sadistic Cat; these are just a few of My many faces.

I am Mistress Alex Vicia, and I encompass them all.

With close to 15 years of experience as both a lifestyle and professional fetishist, it’s My belief that I can never know enough. My expertise as a Dominant is an organic development stemming from My natural inclinations. Nurtured by several years of training, I bloomed into an independent Domina. To this day I continue to grow and maintain My skills by attending intensive workshops, skill shares, and learning opportunities provided by several of Australia’s, and the world’s finest kinksters, and educators. I take great pride in My skills and am always open to refining and expanding them.

Under My strict control, sharp wit, and spiked heel, your submission is assured… Step into My realm and give it all up – to Me. Take yourself out of the everyday, and I will guide you through an amazing world of pleasures and pains – a world where your fantasies are realised under My enchanting yet firm hand.
My sessions are open to new and experienced submissives, slaves, and fetishists alike. All respectful and deferent enquiries are assured a reply with details of My booking process. Whatever your skill level and needs, I can create an experience you’ll not soon forget. Every interaction is totally unique and I strive to reflect that in My sessions, carefully curating a bespoke experience that reflects both My desires, and your tastes.


About you

To get the best out of your session with Me, you require honesty, openness, and a willingness to share with Me your desires.
First-time kink players and new clients; you’re welcome to request an Introductory Session to explore your kinks and find out what works for you – this is a great opportunity for us to build a connection and foundation upon which to build our future sessions. I do provide One-Time sessions, however I much prefer the intensity that can only be experienced via ongoing communication and experiences.
Your submission may be about My pleasure and entertainment, but I also care for your needs and providing shared joy in the magic we create.

I look forward to meeting you and indulging in you with My Dominance.


Mistress Alex

To find out more about session tributes, availability & appointments email Me via my contact page.