Book your first BDSM experience

mistress, melbourne mistress, mistress alex, If you’re a novice to Fetish or BDSM I will initially guide you via email or phone call prior to your first time dungeon experience.

My schedule is as follows:

Monday  – pre-booked appointment only between 10am and 12pm

Tuesday  – pre-booked appointment only between 10am and 12pm

Wednesday – day of rest

Thursday pre-booked appointment only between 10am and 12pm

Friday  – pre-booked appointment only between 10am and 12pm 

Saturdayavailable from 10:30am until 6pm at  Collingwood Confidential in Collingwood

Sunday – day of rest but might possibly be persuaded otherwise

All appointments are to be negotiated and booked via contact with Me.

Whether you’re a submissive, slave, fetishist or switch, I will treat our interaction as unique and take time to plan each appointment to suit both my own taste and your desires.

To find out more about session tributes, availability and interstate appointments email me via my contact page.